Tips for Fast Wedding Planning

Fast wedding planning requires organization, coordination and cooperation, not only on the part of the bride and groom, but from as many family members and friends as the couple can coax into helping with wedding tasks.

Trying to squeeze all the decisions, tasks and responsibilities of planning a wedding into a couple of weeks or months is challenging. You will need to stay organized and you will need plenty of help. As a rule, the less time you have to plan your wedding the more assistance you will need from friends and family.

Fast Wedding Planning Checklist

A checklist can make all the difference between a wedding that looks thrown together and one that provides a memorable experience for everyone involved. Fast wedding planning becomes exponentially easier when a checklist is part of the equation.

The simplest way to make your checklist is to list the tasks that need to be accomplished before the big day in a count-down-to-the-date fashion.

Delegate Responsibilities

Once a checklist is in hand, it’s time to delegate responsibilities.

While the bridal couple will likely want to make major decisions about the ceremony, dress, vendors, honeymoon and reception themselves, the follow-up tasks can be delegated to willing close friends and family members. As soon as a site is confirmed for the ceremony, enlist everyone to help with sending out invitations. Then assign each volunteer with a specific area of responsibility.


Assign someone to make sure that the wedding and reception venues have the appropriate services, equipment, furnishings and electronics. As the wedding date approaches, this person will ensure that menus are printed, seating arrangements are accurate and that wedding gifts, flowers and decorations are all in place.


Another helper should follow-up with all the vendors to ensure preparations are on a timely schedule. This person should make sure that all vendors have a copy of the event’s schedule as soon as it becomes available, and that all vendors are paid and tipped.


Enlist a trusted helper who has reliable transportation to be in charge of picking up ordered items on your wedding day. Having someone who can dash out for last-minute items is key to a stress-free wedding.

Assistants to the Bride and Groom

Every bride needs a trusted friend or family member who will be at her beck and call on her wedding day, whether to sew a torn hem, run for food or make phone calls to vendors and other helpers. For the groom, choose a responsible friend who will help keep the groom calm and on schedule.

For quick wedding planning that makes the whole wedding experience less stressful and more enjoyable, a fast wedding planning checklist, as well as help from family and friends, are the keys to success.