Wedding List Essentials – 6 Important Wedding Planning Priorities

Planning a wedding is not one of the easiest tasks one can undergo but by following a few suggestive ideas can help lessen the complexities of the process and also ease the associated stress from having to attend to each and every detail that wedding coordination requires. Prioritizing the requirements for your wedding is the first step towards accomplishing this goal. If a wedding planner does not fit into the budget and you’ve chosen to take the chore upon yourself, creating a list of priorities is not only a good idea but a must if you want to insure a smooth walk into matrimony.

An inventory of the essentials is important because it is a useful tool that will assist you in avoiding the pitfalls of excessive or unnecessary costs on your wedding day and reduce the risk of overlooking a consequential detail. The following six suggestions are rudimentary but rather crucial in the planning process.

  1. Create a List of Prerequisites – The first and foremost priority for the bride and groom is to create a list of what is required for your wedding day. Basically, it is a list of the fundamentals. Decide what you both want for your ceremony and reception, keeping the “absolutely necessaries” at the top of the list and the “perhaps” items nearer to the bottom. The order of items originally listed will no doubt change as your wedding planning progresses, but creating the initial list is the most crucial first step in organizing the event.
  2. Budget Limits – Another top priority is to settle on the maximum cost you want to spend for your wedding. This includes both the ceremony and reception costs. If the budget is a real concern, consider eliminating what you believe to be of lesser importance such as a stretch limousine to accommodate your entire wedding party, for example, or an unwarranted amount of floral arrangements. If these things are important to you, rearrange the list and prioritize with these items closer to the top.
  3. Type of Wedding Location – The bride and groom must decide upon what type of wedding location is most suitable for their wedding and it must be acceptable to both. Whether the location is to be a church, event center, or an outdoor beach wedding, it is important for the couple to both be content with the final decision.
  4. Actual Wedding Location – After deciding upon what type of location you prefer, you must now decide on the actual location. Create a list of several different properties in the area you prefer and assess all the amenities each property possesses. Try not to fall in love with the first glamorous site you look at that may be too pricey without looking at other comparable venues that may be available at a lesser cost. Quite often you’ll find the most glamorous site is not quite as glamorous once compared to similar properties. Look around at all possibilities before making a decision, particularly if your finances are limited.
    Since the wedding venue typically can be one of your biggest expenses it’s always still a good idea to keep finances in mind when deciding upon a location even if budget matters are not a real concern. This is because the ceremony site and reception are oftentimes at two different locations as opposed to both being hosted at the same location, which usually amounts to higher costs paid for an already expensive item. If the sky’s the limit for you, this won’t be an issue. But, if finances tend to be a bit troubling, it makes sense (literally) to try to arrange a wedding site that’s capable of hosting your entire occasion at the same place.
  5. Create a Guest List – Keeping the guest list as a top priority is once again largely for those trying to maintain reasonable expenses in planning their wedding day. The more people attending obviously results in more money spent. Of course, you don’t want to leave anybody out that is significant to you, but limiting the number of attendees may be compulsory. Creation of a guest list will assist you in calculating cost, and prioritizing it will permit you to control the expenses by allowing you to eliminate where necessary. Make a complete list of all the possible guests you would like to have attending your event with the essentials at the top. Than, chop from the bottom as finances dictate.
  6. Recruit Help with Planning – Wedding planning is time-consuming and can be a bit stressful. Wedding coordinators may cost but can surely lessen the strain. However, if the budget doesn’t allow you to hire one, don’t hesitate to look to parents or other family members for help. I’ve known many mothers of brides who thoroughly enjoy the task of helping their daughter plan this sacred event. Additionally, many times the wedding party is willing to take on certain responsibilities in the planning process.

Though this certainly is not an exhaustive list of wedding day priorities, it is a start for a seemingly involved chore in the coordinating process. Listing the necessities and prioritizing when planning your wedding—particularly when you’re on a budget—is a must to assure that the significant items you require for your special occasion are included. Furthermore, it allows you to eliminate the unnecessary and possibly circumvent adverse mistakes. It will be a challenge at times, but once these few important steps have been accomplished the rest of the planning should come a little easier. Successful planning warrants your event to be a success on the most important day of your life.

Finding The Wedding Planning Services That Will Suit Your Wedding’s Needs

Your wedding will be one of the moments of your life that you will never forget. This is why you should make the best of it. Hiring someone, like a wedding planner, to help you out on your wedding day may just be one of the best decisions that you could ever make for your wedding to be a success. She will source the best wedding planning services for your ideal wedding.

There are many different types of wedding planning services that you could hire a wedding planner for. It all depends on which area of your wedding you would need some help with. A wedding planner has been trained to help you with anything pertaining to your wedding. She could help you with anything from your wedding flowers to the draping needed at your wedding reception. And one of the many benefits of having a wedding planner is that she always has a back-up plan for any eventuality. Your event planner will be very well connected with other suppliers who will be more than willing to pitch in and make your wedding every bit as dreamy as you want it to be. So no matter what, you will always have what you want for your special day.

You may not want a wedding planner throughout the entire process of planning your big day. This is where the different wedding planning services will fall into play. Wedding planners usually have a couple of different packages available. You will be able to choose the package that better suits your wedding needs as well as what you are able to afford. And if it so happens that you will not be able to afford any of the packages, or the package you are looking for is not offered, then you could always customise your package so that you can have the service you require at a price that will suit your pocket. By customising the wedding package you will have the chance to personalise the service that you will receive as well. Not forgetting the fact that once you have hired your planner you will not be experiencing any more stress. That is something that I am sure every bride needs, a stress-free wedding day.

The wedding planning services that you choose to have will only benefit you and your partner. You will, without a doubt, have an amazing wedding without all the strain that planning a wedding brings. This is such an exciting time of your life, enjoying it to the maximum goes without saying.

Online Wedding Planning Certification

Being a wedding planner can be hugely stressful; this professional is in charge of planning, overall communication, execution, and every single other small detail. Taking an online wedding planning course can help participants gain the skills necessary to succeed in this business. There are many online sources that can help interested individuals earn essential knowledge, without requiring mandatory on-campus time.

Weddings Beautiful
• This site offers two certification courses for participants to earn: Certified Wedding Specialist and Certified Wedding Planner.

• The Certified Wedding Specialist program is comprised of 18 courses. Topics will cover wedding invitations, time, developing wedding expertise, directing different types of weddings, receptions, wedding fashions, business forms and contracts, bridal registry, and personal public relations. Pricing depends on whether students wish to pay in full or pay as they go. After successfully completing all the courses, students will receive a Certified Wedding Specialist certificate.

• This program is designed for individuals who already have a career as a wedding planner, but would like to build on already learned skills. The requirements complete this course are: at least two years of wedding planning experience, have planned a minimum of 10 weddings, provide quality references from three brides and three vendors, and correctly answer five essay responses. If a participant meets this exact criteria, they will be awarded a certified Wedding Planner certificate. However, if an individual doesn’t meet these exact requirements, you will not be awarded a certificate. Weddings Beautiful is very specific about this fact. For wedding planners in the US, pricing will be $295, and $495 for international planners.

The New York Institute of Art and Design
• The NY Institute of Art and Design offers a Wedding Planning course developed by Xochitl Gonzalez, who owns an event design and wedding planning business in New York City. This course is certified by the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC).

• Topics discussed in this program include finding clients, working with vendors, creating menus and guests lists, and creating contracts, among other subjects.

• After enrolling in this program, students will learn through lesson books, CDs and DVDs, and the NYIAD Virtual Internship. Students will also be able to speak with a personal student advisor via email or phone at any point during the course. Pricing depends on how the student wishes to pay for the program. After completing all course material, students will receive the NYIAD Certificate in wedding planning, along with discounted membership to ABC.

Other sites, such as Approved Colleges (AC), offer various single courses from which interested individuals can choose. On AC, students can choose from a Wedding Consultant course, Start Your Own Wedding Consultant Business, Event Planning and Management, and Start Your Own Event Planning Business. The benefit of these kind of courses are that students can choose which courses best fit their needs, instead of enrolling in a huge program.

Destination Wedding Planning – Need to Know Guide

Destination wedding planning has been a major part of the wedding industry for years and if you do not have the necessary resources to assist you with the planning then you may have a difficult time figuring out what to do when it comes to making plans for a destination wedding.

Now, I know you have looked over several REGULAR wedding budgets but I am not so sure that you have ever even glanced at what it would take to fund a destination wedding. Even though it is true that most of your wedding expenses will be similar in nature, whether you are in your local nationality or if you are miles away on the other side of the globe, there are still some expenses that are pretty much unique to destination wedding planning. That is why I have put together this little list of things to keep in mind when you decide to think about your destination wedding plans.

Let us take a look:

1. Visiting your site location

Now, if you can actually make wedding plans for several months ahead then it would be a wise idea to go and visit your wedding site location. It is as simple as this, if you were planning on getting married locally I know that you would not even dream of booking a venue without getting a first-hand view of it. Am I right?

Therefore, make plans to do the same with your overseas wedding destination site, it will save you any problems that could occur on the actual wedding day.

2. Foreign Travel Expenses

This is as straight forward as it gets. It could be in the form of airfare, room/accommodation, car rental and/or airport transfer, meals, any form of entertainment, tip money, etc. Even in some situations you may even have to pay for airport parking. Other expenses could even be in the form of additional cell phone charges, internet access, etc. But whatever it is you are planning and wherever you are planning on going, make sure you check all the finer details as it relates to expenses and costs.

Now this issue of expense can even be broken down to include friends and family, wedding vendors and group excursions. Let me break down these a bit more for you.

a. Family and Friends Travel Expenses

It is only natural that some of your friends and family members will be asked to join you on your special day. However, since you are asking the most important people in your life to join you away from home, there might just be some of them who simply cannot afford to make it overseas. If this should be the case and you really want to have a special few attend, then YOU will need to DECIDE if you are willing and able to find additional funds in your budget to assist those people with their travel expenses. This is why you need to make a decision early when it comes to destination wedding planning. That way you will have your budget ready and waiting to see what can and cannot be accommodated.

Go to to continue reading about the things you should know about when making those destination wedding plans.