Wedding Planning – 4 Tips for Planning a Wedding

While a wedding is a very happy times it does not happen without planning. And wedding planning can be overwhelming as a results of the emotions and expectations generated by a wedding. So here are four wedding planning tips to help you in planning a wedding.

Give yourself the time needed.

You will find that the longer you have to plan a wedding the better it will be for you. So you want to give yourself at least twelve to nine months of planning time for a wedding. This will help you to eliminate most of the stress that can easily overwhelm you with planning a wedding.

Be Courteous

Once you have decided on your wedding date you want to tell your family and friends as soon as possible. This simple courtesy would not only show your class but will also give the persons that are important to you ample opportunity to make their attendance at your wedding possible.

Get Professional help

While it may be appealing to plan a wedding you would find that getting professional help will not only save time and money but will eliminate the stress and frustrations that are usually associated with wedding planning.

As a wedding planner will be able to provide you with advice and guidance that is specific to their unique planning experience. Your planner will help you with:

  • Theme selection
  • Setting a budget
  • Selection of ceremony style
  • Invitations
  • Finding the ideal venue for your ceremony,
  • Venue for the reception
  • Ceremony Officiant
  • Requirements for getting marriage license
  • Evaluation, selection and vendor negotiation
  • Other arrangement that you may need

Set a budget

Wedding are expensive with the average cost easily reaching $27,000.00 and this does not include the honeymoon. So it is important to know what it is you are prepared to spend on your wedding as it will guide your planning process.

Your budget will also help you to avoid the mistake that most couple make when spending on their wedding, over spending. As more than forty percent of couples over spend on their special day.

Also be sure that you give yourself a 10 percent cushion with any budget you set.

These four tips for planning a wedding, giving yourself time, being courteous, get professional help and setting a wedding budget will help you to plan a wedding that is not only stress free but save you time and money as well.

Wedding Planning Software

Efficiently managing the tasks that need to be done for a wedding is essential for the overall success of the event. Turning your dream wedding into reality requires organizational skills and a lot of time. Fortunately, now there is a tool available that can help simplify the process and save time, wedding planning software for your PC.

There are several wedding planning software programs available on the market today. Most of the programs help you organize everything from your engagement announcement to your honeymoon plans. The decision to use a software program to help you plan your wedding may be the best decision you could make.

Before shopping for a wedding planning software program, you should first identify the key features that you feel will benefit you the most. Everyone buys a planning program for a different reason – creating a budget, maintaining your guest list, printing envelopes or tracking gifts – so as you evaluate programs, it is important to ensure that it will do everything you need.

All wedding planning software programs cover the same basic features, but there are differences in how the information is entered. User interface and program design are two of the most important criteria to consider. A program should mimic the steps that are typically used to plan a wedding and should be organized as such. As you look at the software or the screens, visualize in your mind walking through the entire process and make sure that the steps and the flow make sense.

Planning a wedding involves two main processes: tracking your guests and selecting vendors. The process of tracking your guests includes creating a master guest list, inviting the guests to the appropriate parties, tracking RSVPs for the parties and tracking the gifts received at each party. The process of selecting a vendor includes creating a budget, entering vendor estimates, comparing vendor estimates, and selecting a vendor that meets your needs and your budget.

When entering guest information, you need to track the following information: main guest (title, formal first name and casual first name), the spouse/guest of the main guest, children of guest, who invited the guest and the role of the guest. One feature that only some of the programs offer is the ability to track family members individually. This is important if you want to be able to invite the wife to a shower as Jane Doe, instead of Mrs. John Doe. Most packages allow you to print either envelopes or labels from your guest list. This will save you hours in completing invitation lists for the calligrapher or in personally addressing your envelopes.

After creating your master guest list, you then decide to which parties each guest should be invited. Some programs have you select from a fixed list of parties as you enter each guest. Other programs allow you to add your own parties (as many as you need) and then select from your master guest list the guests that are invited to each party.

All programs allow you to track RSVPs. It is important to be able to track the RSVPs for each party, not just for the ceremony and reception. Some offer the added benefit of being able to track guest arrival information, accommodations and departure information.

Keeping track of gifts and thank you notes is another feature of wedding planning software programs. You should be able to enter a description of each gift, the date received, the store from which they purchased the gift, whether or not the gift needs to be returned and if a thank you has been sent. Keeping track of your gifts and thank you notes is an enormous, but very important part of your wedding. Software can make this extremely easy.

Whether your wedding is large or small, setting a budget and sticking to it can be the hardest thing to do when planning a wedding. Wedding expenses will add up quickly, so it makes sense to determine what you are willing to pay for the services you want. Wedding planning software programs help you setup your budget and track expenses. Some programs offer worksheets to assist you in setting up your budget which can be extremely useful if you have never done this before and don’t know what to expect. You should look for a program that offers more than just a spreadsheet that you have to fill in. In addition, you should be able to track tax and gratuity, otherwise you may be in for a surprise later.

Once you have determined your budget and started calling on vendors, wedding planning software can help you keep track of your vendors and perform comparisons to assist in the vendor selection process. The program should allow you to enter the estimates and important payment information for each vendor that you evaluate and compare the estimates side by side next to your budget to determine which one meets your needs and budget.

Other features to look for in a wedding planning software program are: checklists, schedules, newspaper announcements, table assignments for parties, music selections and wedding planning tips.

Finally, probably the most important test of any software package is the reports. If you spend months entering data into a computer, you should make sure that you can get reports of the information, in a format that you can use. If you need the software to print envelopes, labels or an address list for the calligrapher, review copies of these items before you select a program to use. If these things are important to you, be sure to look for the ability to: print inner envelopes, print individual guest names (wife separately from the husband), children, labels, multiple line addresses, complete state names (not just two letter abbreviations), and international addresses.

Regardless of the size or style of your wedding, there is a software program available to help. It is important to shop for a wedding planning software program that best suits your needs because not all programs offer all of the features discussed. Wedding planning software programs range between $30.00 and $74.00. Good Luck!

Tips for Fast Wedding Planning

Fast wedding planning requires organization, coordination and cooperation, not only on the part of the bride and groom, but from as many family members and friends as the couple can coax into helping with wedding tasks.

Trying to squeeze all the decisions, tasks and responsibilities of planning a wedding into a couple of weeks or months is challenging. You will need to stay organized and you will need plenty of help. As a rule, the less time you have to plan your wedding the more assistance you will need from friends and family.

Fast Wedding Planning Checklist

A checklist can make all the difference between a wedding that looks thrown together and one that provides a memorable experience for everyone involved. Fast wedding planning becomes exponentially easier when a checklist is part of the equation.

The simplest way to make your checklist is to list the tasks that need to be accomplished before the big day in a count-down-to-the-date fashion.

Delegate Responsibilities

Once a checklist is in hand, it’s time to delegate responsibilities.

While the bridal couple will likely want to make major decisions about the ceremony, dress, vendors, honeymoon and reception themselves, the follow-up tasks can be delegated to willing close friends and family members. As soon as a site is confirmed for the ceremony, enlist everyone to help with sending out invitations. Then assign each volunteer with a specific area of responsibility.


Assign someone to make sure that the wedding and reception venues have the appropriate services, equipment, furnishings and electronics. As the wedding date approaches, this person will ensure that menus are printed, seating arrangements are accurate and that wedding gifts, flowers and decorations are all in place.


Another helper should follow-up with all the vendors to ensure preparations are on a timely schedule. This person should make sure that all vendors have a copy of the event’s schedule as soon as it becomes available, and that all vendors are paid and tipped.


Enlist a trusted helper who has reliable transportation to be in charge of picking up ordered items on your wedding day. Having someone who can dash out for last-minute items is key to a stress-free wedding.

Assistants to the Bride and Groom

Every bride needs a trusted friend or family member who will be at her beck and call on her wedding day, whether to sew a torn hem, run for food or make phone calls to vendors and other helpers. For the groom, choose a responsible friend who will help keep the groom calm and on schedule.

For quick wedding planning that makes the whole wedding experience less stressful and more enjoyable, a fast wedding planning checklist, as well as help from family and friends, are the keys to success.

Some Wedding Planning Basics To Keep In Mind

Wedding planning basics sets the foundation for having a memorable wedding! “What are your plans or ideas for your wedding?” “Do you know anything about wedding planning?” Those were questions that were directed to me a lot during the time I was planning my wedding.

I did not have a problem answering them because I had already made note of my most important, yet basic, ideas.

Wedding planning is so much fun when you have the right set of tools, people and information at your fingertips. All it takes is just information about your preferences and taste.

Some of the most important factors to keep in mind is centered around your:

  • bridal shower ideas
  • wedding ceremony
  • wedding rings
  • wedding favor ideas
  • wedding invitations
  • bridal party
  • color scheme or theme
  • floral arrangements
  • dress code
  • desired time of service
  • wedding songs or music
  • food
  • reception
  • honeymoon destinations, etc

It is not limited to those items listed above though, I just wanted you to have an idea as to what you were going to come in contact with once the wedding plans starts to progress. So you do not need to panic in any way, shape or form because ALL of those categories will be centered around YOUR preferences.

Planning a wedding is a whole lot of work, but it is also a whole lot of fun and you can make the process more fun by doing the planning as a project that you and your spouse can do together to create that “perfect” atmosphere! Friends and family too can join in the project. Share the fun and make YOUR wedding day a day to remember because you had the basic “know-how” of what you wanted and how you wanted it to be done.

Remember to keep in mind the fact that you will need to get involved in the process even though you may opt to hire a wedding planner. Me and my wife did roughly 80% of the input in our wedding. We selected the photographer, the decorator, the wedding cake designer, the florist and the musician. The selection process was a whole lot of work but it made sense in the long run because we got what WE wanted and that made the day a more memorable day.

So wedding planning basics seeks to assist you with the basic plans and know-how of putting your dream wedding together piece by piece and in the best way possible to suit YOUR preferences and taste.

So get on with the planning and have fun doing it, because after all, it is YOUR day so plan how YOU want it to be.

Have a great wedding!!