7 Steps for Wedding Planning Without Going Crazy

Wedding planning can be an exciting time. It can also be frustrating, confusing, and hectic for all involved. It is important to maintain communication and organization during the process. Here are 7 steps that can help make the process as smooth as possible.

Purchase a planning journal.

• You will need somewhere to jot down ideas and decisions made during the process. Having this information available during wedding planning and in one location makes it possible to quickly reference when needed.

• Make note of any scheduled meetings, dress fittings, or cake tastings. Wedding planning requires meeting with many vendors. Missing an appointment can cost you.

Decide on theme, colors, and style.

• Your wedding style, colors, and theme can change your budget dramatically. A small intimate wedding will have a very different budget compared to a large event wedding. Knowing what type of wedding you want to plan will help form your budget.

Decide on a budget.

• While you may have your mind set on a specific dress or style of wedding, making sure you can afford it is important. An integral part of wedding planning, setting a budget may involve speaking with parents or looking at your own finances. Forming a budget will influence decisions on all aspects of the wedding.

Stick to your budget.

• A budget means nothing if you don’t hold yourself to it. If the floral arrangements that you have your heart set on are out of your budget, you must change your plans. It will save time and stress if you remain realistic about your available money during wedding planning.

Stay firm but realistic.

• For most women, their wedding planning has been on-going since they were little. This may mean that a specific aspect is non-negotiable and must be included. It is important to stay firm in what you want, but also realistic. If your dream is a winter themed wedding, but you have chosen a date in summer, you have to realize that seasonal items may not be available. Knowing what you want is important, but be sure to consider what is possible within the parameters of your plan for the wedding.

• Remaining open-minded when planning your wedding can introduce you to ideas you may not have considered. From floral arrangements to dinner options, considering other options is important to reducing the stress of wedding planning.

Try it on, even if you don’t want to.

• Sometimes a dream dress isn’t all that dreamy once it is on. While you may think something will not look good on you, try anyway. If spending a few extra minutes to try on a dress helps you find “the one”, it’s worth it.

Remember what the wedding is really about.

• The most important tip in wedding planning is to realize that the ultimate goal is to marry the person you love. If the flowers are a few shades off from what you had imaged or the wedding cake didn’t come with the sugar flowers you ordered, you still ended the day with a partner, and that is the most important part.